I Will Create 20 Blockbuster Video Ads Guaranteed To Skyrocket Your Clicks And Conversions Or You Don't Pay

If You're Fighting High Ad Costs, Low Click-Through-Rates, And Poor Quality Traffic To Your Site, This One Simple Creative Switch Will Dramatically Increase Your ROI

"Matt’s process is straightforward.  I sent him our product, explained our value props, asked if we wanted something specific…  and he took it from there. He shot all the B-Roll, unboxing, wrote the scripts, etc. ... Long story short, our CTR doubled in the first 30 days."

Eric Roy


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Dear Friend,


Slow ‘n steady suits some people just fine...


But if you’re ready to LEAP — not crawl, walk, struggle — but LEAP...


There’s only ONE video strategy that offers that opportunity realistically...

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...and, if you qualify, I can pick you up and put you in this exclusive group of our clients today, with zero risk.

Our Magnetic Storytelling Ad Framework is the best-kept secret for profit-oriented Entrepreneurs who want to reach their highest level of success, fulfillment, and impact in the world.


I’m seeking a few good men and women that are “Ready For Quantum Leaps of Growth” I can trust with my most jealously guarded video ad secrets! For a very limited time, I’m opening up a few spaces for a select number of exceptional individuals to join us.

“If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room”

You’re getting direct access to videos generating between $50k — $500k per month in profit in their respective businesses.

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Generate tens of thousands of new customers, explode your lifetime value, increase gross profit greatly every single month - and do it all whilst having more freedom, more profit, and prosperity.

You can’t get intimate access to this system anywhere else in the world - not to mention completely done for you with no risk.

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"Magnetic Storytelling" Is What Makes Our Video Ads Special

It's the ultimate strategy to match "content engagement" with sales. The stories we tell and the way we tell them are specifically engineered to attract your ideal customers to you like a magnet.

This leads to much higher response on ads, enormous "halo effect," and skyrocketing conversion, ultimately leading to much stronger profit month after month.


What does it look like? Click through the playlist below to see some of the ads that have made our clients millions:

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What Else Makes Working With Us The Most Invaluable Investment For Your Business' Future?

What you can expect working with us...

Get to use top-notch, battle-tested video formats with ZERO risk

Have an expert team of video creators make 20 high converting video ads without you having to lift a finger

Get the opportunity to build a customer acquisition pipeline strong as oak so you can focus on your product

It’s quite literally impossible to lose money working with us on this project, if you don't make more than you spend on these videos, it's free

In fact, it’s extremely likely you will make upwards of 50-100X what you spend for us to make all this video creative.

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You Might Be Wondering Why Would I Do All This For You?

Here’s why...

What gives me the greatest sense of personal satisfaction is working with motivated Entrepreneurs to achieve their goals and dreams...

...and the guts to take the bull by the horns and make things happen.

I truly give a sh*t about your success and I’m 100% committed to helping you achieve what you really want.

I’ll be an ally willing to brave the hail of gunfire you’re pinned down by, crawl into your foxhole and fight your enemies with you.

I’ll be that Dutch uncle who will dive head-first into your business with sleeves rolled up, ready to get his hands dirty making whatever videos it takes to get you to the next level.

I care and leave no stone unturned.

Free 45 Minute Strategy Call

High Impact Centerpiece Video For Prospecting 

"Pro-GC" Videos That Reinvent The Power of Social Proof 

"Sizzle" Video (with renditions) with Premium Footage 


PLUS, in addition to all these benefits you will also receive...

Text on Screen Video

Private Video Ad Strategy Call With Matt Johnston

$15,000 VALUE

$5,000 VALUE

$12,000 VALUE

$1,500 VALUE

$2,500 VALUE

The TOTAL VALUE you receive the moment you are accepted as a client is at LEAST $36,000, and the reason is simple, the program is designed to (and has proven to) generate upwards of $100K to as much as $5 Million for clients (luckily it will only cost you a very small fraction of a fraction of that).

Now, I know that you're probably skeptical.

That's normal and healthy.

So... don't take my word for it.

Listen To What More Of My Clients Have To Say...

My first six weeks (working with Matt), I enrolled $48,000 in sales into my program.

Valerie Elhurr

High Ticket Coach


"We are making $100,000 a month (now), before we were doing less than $6,000 a month. Matt Johnston literally saved this company. "

Travis Perry



"I could not say enough good things about Matt's process, his ability to make videos that tell compelling stories, that drive people to understand the offer and that help people make that decision to buy the product."

Sam Cook


Sanity Desk

"When you find someone you love and when you find a company that works their butts off for you, you want to stand at the highest mountain peak and scream it to the world. And that's what I'm doing."

Kressa Peterson

Shower Toga


Free 45 Minute Strategy Call

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Why Am I Offering Something That Could Carry Such A MASSIVE Risk For Us?

The reason is simple: I like to reward early action-takers, and I want the opportunity to show you just how gamechanging this video creative can be for your business.

(In return - I may ask you to share your results so we can continue to attract more motivated entrepreneurs like you...)

Now, I DO need to mention in order to be part of this program, there IS one catch:

You must QUALIFY for this offer and program as naturally we need to make sure we are protecting the integrity of what we do.

And of course, I need to be certain we’re only dealing with serious players.

Are YOU Eligible To Be Accepted?
Here’s How to Apply...

Some positions are taken by renewing clients, that’s why it’s important to apply IMMEDIATELY, to prevent being locked out, as the spots will be filled with the first qualified applicants, then closed.

Step #1: Visit this link: GuideSocialGlobal.com/strategy

Step #2: This page will redirect you to book a call

Step #3: Answer the short survey questions about your business

Step #4: Schedule a time for your Application Call
*We reserve the right to determine that you are not a good match for the program.

Fair Warning

As you would expect, applications to join the program will be considered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

I’ve always intended on making the tight nit group of my clientele snobbishly elite.

In fact, I want the people who miss out on this opportunity to seethe with jealousy and literally ache with regret... But I don’t want you to suffer that cruel fate.

Instead... go and start your application immediately so you don’t lose out on one of the few coveted spaces that remain.

If you’re ready to scale past 100k /month with speed, profit and predictability without working evenings and weekends then make your application today...


To your Success!

Matt Johnston, CEO & Founder of GuideSocialGlobal.com

P.S. If you’ve skipped to the bottom of this letter to find out what the offer is, here’s the invitation I’ve got for you...

For a very limited time, I’m opening up a few spaces in my Magnetic Storytelling done-for-you video client group and inviting a select number of exceptional individuals to join us.

The total value of the done-for-you video ads you receive as a Member is $36,000

To make sure I’m working with serious players, we are currently accepting applications - but only for a limited time.

Go to make your application today!

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P.P.S. IF you want a bigger income, IF you’d like more freedom, IF you’d enjoy feeling fascinated and invigorated by your business again, IF you’ve noticed others in your market enjoying huge income and prominence…


Our done-for-you video ad program is your logical next step.


This is your chance to gain the security, liberty or lifestyle you sincerely want and I’ll personally show you how, if you let me.


If you’ve ever wondered where the leaders of e-commerce get their video creative from, this is the place!


In just a few short weeks we’ll help you gain clarity, confidence and new capabilities to achieve Quantum Leaps Of Growth

Here's What Others Are Saying...

"We sold our first 100 units and did our first $50K of business."


Pratt Palanthra

Free Bowler

"We've been fortunate enough to be covered by some of the top news and media forums in India. And globally, we've been getting some attention... all thanks to the great work done by Matt and his team with the product launch."

"Working with Matt has been a blessing for my company"


Santi Romero

Santi Romero Films

"Matt is definitely a professional in what he does, his strategies and not just that, but his human side as well. He understands how humans work and how really to create empathy and sell a product."

"They took the time to understand our brand voice."


Eric Roy


"The thing that set Matt and his team apart... is that they took the time to understand our brand voice, value props, and turn these things into persuasive video ads whose performance allowed us to profitably scale our ad spend to over $10,000 per day…. Which ultimately led to Hydroviv being acquired."

"I finally found my true audience! Thank you Matt!"


Alyssa RaeLynn


 "I've never seen engagement like this before on any of my platforms, to work with Matt and his team has just been the most insane process."

"Working with Matt is an enlightening experience..."


Jarred Goelecker


"He's done so much for me and my business, I can't thank him enough."

"I was burning through money like crazy."


Valerie Elhurr

High Ticket Coach

"I was in a point in my business where I was transitioning from one market into a brand new market. And I was struggling with my current marketing... I was burning through money like crazy. And once I started working with Matt, I enrolled $48,000 in sales into my program."

Ready To Scale Past Your Wildest Dreams?
Let’s Get Started...

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