Guide Social's Roots

Guide Social was founded in 2018.

But its roots grow much further back.

Matt Johnston, GS' founder, spent years of his life as a pioneer in viral social video at some of the biggest new media brands in the world.


He began his career as a founding video producer at Business Insider where he moved into a top editor position.

Eventually Matt was tapped by New York Magazine (Vulture, The Cut), to build their video program from the ground up.  During that time his team was able to garner billions of social video views and win an ASME award for best long form video (Guns & Empathy, a documentary examining gun laws and mass shootings). That was followed by a stint running video across all Rodale Properties (Men's Health, Women's Health, Prevention, Runner's World, and Bicycling).

Matt was then brought on to build and run three new lifestyle channels at NowThis, the world's top social video news company. After billions of views and building enormous Facebook channels at NowThis, Matt left to start his own company, Guide Social.

Who Guide Social Is

Guide Social brings empathy-based, virality optimized video marketing to clients all over the world.

With such strong DNA in social video creation and optimization, we know exactly what videos will set fire to the internet and generate leads and sales.

Our work has singlehandedly turned brands into million-dollar businesses overnight, as well as get unprecedented mass attention.