While all the work we do is custom to our clients' specific sales needs, we have done enough testing to know the types of ads that convert best, here you can see some examples of these iterations.

All of these ad examples have generated clients up to 7 Figures in revenue

Our Signature "Centerpiece" Videos

This talent-driven centerpiece video is classically the best performing creative across the board and involves careful writing and direction, as well as great acting.

Sizzle Videos

Good B-Roll is sexy, that's all there is to it. And it is essential to demonstrate the value of your product and separate from the competition.

Text-On-Screen Storytelling Videos

A classic. Built to be watched with no sound (like 80% of all social ads), this format is sneakily the best performing ad in some of our clients' accounts. Why? Great writing, and perfectly native.

"Pro-GC" Videos

Yes, UGC (user generated content), but so much more. Review videos can come in many formats, and we test all of them to see what the audience responds to.