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How To Make Low Cost Video Ads That Are Effective On Any Platform

Navigating the world of social video advertisements can be confusing and expensive. Following my video tips, you can engage thousands of users without video editing experience or a huge budget. I have helped many businesses make millions in revenue by applying htis video and script strategy to reach potential customers.

Use a Cloud-Based Video Creation Tool

Thanks to technology, there is an array of online tools that can help you create and edit your video ads. Venmo, Storyblocks, Promo and Wave are websites built to provide everything you need to build your advertisement.

All of these programs have text templates already made for use. If you have an existing video script, choosing a blank video option will begin the process of bringing your video feed and script together.

Create a Story by Using Text On Screen

Inserting text on your video ads will bring your product's story to life. These videos talk about the problems that users face and how your product will solve it. By using empathy, users will emotionally understand how the product will positively impact their life. This concept can bring a genuine connection that will drive further interest.

It is extremely important to make the text stand out since the video is all about the writing. Your text is where your audience will focus.

Once you upload your original video or stock footage, the format and text box will be already on the screen. Complete the following steps when adding your script to the video.

  1. Take a part of your script that you want to use and copy and paste it into the text box.

  2. Make sure to make your text capitalized. This will make sure the text stands out and is easily readable.

  3. Format the text to make sure three lines fit inside the box. This will give audiences enough time to read through the points as the video continues on.

  4. Choose a font and font color. When making an ad, you want to have your brand in mind, so pick a font and color that will be brand-aligned.

  5. Once you have chosen your text elements, move the text box to the bottom third of the video. This will give your text a comfortable place to sit that will not cover up the video sequence.

  6. Lastly, you want to keep the text as simple as possible. Using animations can create distractions so it is best to have no transitional effects. The text should look native in the feed.

Test Your Video's Text Time Limit

The best way to make sure your text can be read in the time allotted is to say the text out loud and add a second as the video plays. If you can read the text aloud during the time you choose, you are good to go. If there is time left over, you can always trim the slide time shorter.

Make sure your slides are only running for 3.5 to 5 seconds at a time. The headline can be around 4.5 seconds. 3.5 seconds is the sweet spot to keep the text on screen for. This way, the slide can be read comfortably without rushing or waiting for the next set of text.

Duplicate, Replace and Repeat

The best part about editing is you only need one slide to create an entire video! You can press the duplicate button and take out any transitions to keep your video in the same format.

You can then click on the replace button to swap out existing video footage. Then, you can replace the text by copying and pasting a new part of the script into your text box. When you replace the video feed, you can use your own footage or a list of videos from the site. There is a search bar where you can look for specific stock video content.

Repeat this pattern until you have created your entire video

Add the Finishing Touches

Place a watermark or company logo on your advertisement to promote branding and protect the intellectual property.

Putting background music can help combine all of the video elements together. Explore the different stock music options already in the editing tool’s website. There are many different categories to choose from that reflects the mood of the video.

Export Your Video for Upload

After you have gotten your whole script in the video, it is time to export the video off of the editing website. To export, you will click the publish button.

Then the render button. The application will create your video and make it available to download.

Resize Your Video For Different Social Media Platforms

Changing the size of the video for different platforms is easy. You can simply click on the resize video button to look at all the different format options.

9:16 is the ratio for TikTok and Instagram stories. 16:9 is the ratio for YouTube. Choosing a different format will change the resolution so your video can fit on the platform. All you have to do to complete the resizing, is to go through your video to drag and adjust your text boxes to fit inside the new ratio.

If you follow these tips, you can create ads for any social media platform. This process makes creating these types of videos super effective and will engage your audience wherever they are.

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