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iOS 14 Privacy Lockdown: What It Means for Advertising and How to Adapt

Matt Johnston talks to small businesses owners in his iOS 14 Strategies for E-Commerce & Facebook Ads support group. Hear the questions and concerns that people want to know about the new iOS 14 privacy lockdown. They discuss CAPI, retargeting, lookalike audiences and how to prepare for the future.

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**DISCLAIMER** This is based 100% on what I know as of this moment through my own sources, research, etc. Since FB is keeping us in the dark on some aspects, there is still a possibility some things could change. **


In-App Tracking is Fair Game - Meaning - if a user opts out of tracking on iOS their activity in Facebook (watching videos, engagement, etc) WILL be tracked and you can create custom audiences out of them.

Facebook will be rolling out a SECOND pop up in their own app that comes up right after Apple’s pop up - that pop up will be like a “second chance” to opt in, as Facebook attempts to give users more context on the ramifications of opting out.

If a user opts out, they become a ghost to Facebook EXCEPT the single event that will get beamed back to Facebook, but FB will not know in all cases WHO actually converted, and in some cases (how many remains to be seen) the data will never come back.

FB is developing a machine learning model to help make up for some lost attribution, it’s rolling out in a couple weeks or so, we’re not sure how good it will be.

Retargeting is BY FAR the likely biggest problem we will face. Website custom audiences are going to be likely heavily impacted, smaller, and less reliable. Which is why I made my YouTube video about how to retarget off in-app events. They will be more reliable custom audiences moving forward. Unfortunately, this is likely to heavily impact Facebook’s ability to retarget traffic from other platforms.

Interest targeting will be impacted, but perhaps not as heavily as we thought since we will know what people’s interests are based on what they do INSIDE the platform. Though their action off the platform is going away largely.

We’ll only ever get one event beamed back from people on our site. So if someone Adds to Cart and then Purchases - we will only get the purchase event, not the add to cart or any other event.

CAPI, Domain verification, and getting the 8 events (that’s all you can use in Facebook now for optimization) in order are the action steps now to prepare.

This is all breaking and I will continue to keep you updated as any information ebbs and flows!!

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