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WE'RE HIRING: Marketing Manager

Title: Marketing Manager

Reports to: COO/Integrator

What’s the gig?

We’re looking for someone to run our fulfillment team at our e-commerce growth agency.

This role would manage 2 media buyers (but would not need to do media buying themself), as well as one full time staffer on our Klaviyo service, and another on our online store optimization service, as well as some outside vendors. (Work Location: Wherever your computer is🤓)

There are 3 key skills we’re looking for here:

1. Marketing Strategist - we need someone who loves strategy and not just nuts and bolts tactics. And feels comfortable talking to clients about it.

2. Creative - This person will be effectively also the creative director at the agency, working with our content creation vendor, clients, and the rest of the team on creative vision, and implementation

3. Leader - This person will directly manage people, and be one of Guide Social’s core leaders.

We are niched into innovative e-commerce.

Who the heck are we?

We have 15 Shark Tank clients, a killer sales and lead gen team, and a full service marketing agency. Clients love us because we overcommunicate and work our butts off for them, always overdelivering 🙏 website:

What kind of adjectives might describe you?








Team player

OK… I’m interested, what now?

Cover letter (SO IMPORTANT, no generic stuff!) and LinkedIn profile sent to

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