At Guide Social, we believe ...

that empathy-driven video that truly, authentically connects with viewers will drive not just affinity - but sales.

The foundation of selling products and services lies in the art of "know, like, and trust." And nothing can do that better than powerful, empathetic online video.

Our social video advertising campaigns have driven millions of dollars in sales for products and services.

They are often the secret weapon most companies are missing in their marketing.

At Guide Social, we make ...

powerful, social-optimized videos for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, and TikTok ad campaigns.

We have this down to a science.

Every new direct advertising client that comes through our virtual doors gets our exclusive social video strategy plugged unto their business.

This typically consists of one perfectly optimized video designed for cold audiences, 2 procured testimonial videos (with multiple variations), and an authority article on our owned media site Vesta Media

We also have an expert team of Facebook and Instagram media buyers that have driven millions of dollars in sales, if you need someone execute those ads for you..

It Looks Like ...

Want to know if our viral video systems and strategy can work for you as well? Book a no-obligation strategy call so we can see if there's a fit.


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