At Guide Social we believe ...

Organic social media is incredibly important to build both awareness and relationship with your customers and future customers.

Not to mention the immediate impact of getting leads and sales.

Unfortunately, organic reach across platforms is all but dead.

Or at least it was ... until TikTok.

The fastest growing social network in history

Believe it, TikTok is the fastest growing social network of all time.

Take a look at the chart below, and notice how fast TikTok got to 1 billion users relative to its launch date:


Your Concerns

Despite TikTok's popularity, and the fact that 50% of TikTok's users are over 35 - only 4% of marketers are using the opportunity.

Most people who don't think their audience is on TikTok are incorrect and making the wrong assumptions.

And even if they are not there, it's no excuse not to grow on TikTok while organic reach is out of this world. 

This is exactly what Facebook and Instagram were like in 2015. It was easy to build an audience into the millions for free. Now, if you want an audience, you have to pay for it.

Don't wait until TikTok is just as hard to grow on. The brands and individuals we work with regularly get hundreds of thousands, and even millions of views on their video content.

We also teach them how to monetize it.

Book a call with the team and see if working with us is a fit for your brand.