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We make video ads for social media that sell and make millions for clients in all niches - with hundreds of happy customers.

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Facts Are Facts
Better Video Ads = More Profit

If you run a business, you need sales.

To get sales, you need great ads.

To make ads work, you need great video, with great writing and marketing fundamentals - driven by EMPATHY.

Empathy is the real reason why anyone buys anything online, they want to see themselves and their hopes and dreams on the screen. Our founder, Matt Johnston, quite literally wrote the book on empathetic marketing video. So your sales are in good hands!

We make engaging, funny, exciting, conversion-focused videos that mix sound marketing, writing, and video production to maximize ROI.

Stop The "Spaghetti On The Wall" Technique

Be honest, how much money do you blow every month "testing" creative in your ad account with no idea if it will move people to buy? $5,000? $20,000?

There is a better way.

When you invest in a company that actually knows what they are doing and has made hundreds of million-dollar ads, you can eliminate the guesswork and start profiting immediately.

Packages (and Budgets) For All Sizes

Centerpiece Video Package

Spokesperson-driven video fully produced from script to screen!

These videos have driven tens of millions in sales

Full collaboration on brand and content


12 different variations to test

Our signature videos that build brands and makes millions.

Video Ad Setup Package

Everything from the Centerpiece package PLUS

Complete video ad suite for Facebook and YouTube with 20 videos

Fully produced centerpiece video with 12 variations

Sizzle Product video

5 Pieces of "Pro GC" content

Text on Screen Video Ad

Our signature video suite that build brands and makes millions.

Why We're The Best In the Business

We Know What Drives Sales

Most creative agencies know how to produce video but they don't know how to produce sales.

The result is video that may look good, but isn't suited for ads on any platform. Why? Because it isn't specifically designed to sell.​

We are just as much marketers as we are video creators. We've spent millions testing ad platforms to understand what creatives drive sales, and what simply doesn't work.

Magnetic Storytelling: What Makes Our Video Ads Special

It's the ultimate strategy to match "content engagement" with sales. The stories we tell and the way we tell them are specifically engineered to attract your ideal customers to you like a magnet.

This leads to much higher response on ads, enormous "halo effect," and skyrocketing conversion, ultimately leading to much stronger profit month after month. 

Don't Take Our Word For It

"We are doing $100,000 a month now where literally (before) we were doing less than $6,000 a month."

Travis Perry

"...a company that is honest, ethical and incredibly good..."

Kressa Peterson

I made $48,000 in my first 6 weeks... Matt and his team are amazing!"

Valerie Elhurr

"Globally we have been getting attention...all thanks to the great work done by Matt & his team."

Pratt Palanthra

Poor ad creative is costing you thousands, let's fix that.