At Guide Social, we believe ...

that brand video is the most powerful tool we have to do what we would traditionally label as "PR."

Namely, mass attention and mass affinity.

Being known, loved, and trusted by everyone that could ever buy from you.

We don't need the press to do this anymore, we can do it ourselves, when we tell the right stories in the right ways.

Known, Loved, and Trusted

If you want to build lasting connections with customers and future customers, you are best equipped with a mirror.

People want to see themselves in the content they consume. They trust that, they value that.

So we find out who we want to reach, what they care about, and then make content that gives them value based on what we learn.

How it's done

How does this work in practice?

We partner with brands who feel invisible, or want to make a bigger impact than they are making now.

We set goals.

We learn the audience.

We decide how to serve them. This could be in an animation explainer video, it could be in a highly produced, beautiful docu-style video, or it could be a simple social media video campaign.

No matter what we choose, one thing is always constant — Empathy.

We let the audience know that they come first, and we only exist to serve them.

Our team individually speaks to every potential partner to make sure this high impact content is a fit for them.

What it looks like