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WE'RE HIRING: Account Coordinator

Title: Account Coordinator

Reports to: Marketing Manager

What’s the gig?

We’re looking for someone to project manage across the client fulfillment team (advertising, creative, etc) and be on the front lines of client communication. (Work Location: Wherever your computer is🤓)

There are 3 key skills we’re looking for here:

1. Project Management - You love organization - a lot!! You love to use technology to do that organizing! People sometimes describe you as “really on the ball.” Marketing background is a plus.

2. Communication - You were born to bridge the communication gap between people, between teams, and from customer to company. You’re a people person, and you just seem to “get it” when it comes to talking to people.

3. Self-Starter - You love working in startups and without needing micromanagement. People wonder how you keep overdelivering time and time again, without us even having to ask you to!

Who the heck are we?

We have 15 Shark Tank clients, a killer sales and lead gen team, and a full service marketing agency. Clients love us because we overcommunicate and work our butts off for them, always overdelivering 🙏 website:

What kind of adjectives might describe you?

People person



Team player


“The glue that holds this thing together”

OK… I’m interested, what now?

Cover letter (SO IMPORTANT, no generic stuff!) and LinkedIn profile sent to

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