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Use This Clever Email Software Hack to Retarget on Facebook Ads

Use This Clever Email Software Hack to Retarget on Facebook Ads

Online businesses have been panicking ever since the news of the privacy-centered Apple iOS14 software updates were released.

In early 2021, consumers will be given the opportunity to opt out of data tracking on smartphone apps — effectively taking away the ability to collect essential data for targeted advertising on Facebook.

This privacy lockdown poses several somewhat frightening threats to online business owners. But, luckily, some of them can be avoided with programs and technologies creating innovative ways for businesses to continue tracking data and creating targeted marketing content.

One of these softwares is Klaviyo the unique email marketing solution that many e-commerce businesses have sworn by for years. But it’s not just for email marketing. Klaviyo (as well as Active Campaign, Drip, and some others) can sync crucial marketing segments and custom audiences on Facebook for retargeting.

Klaviyo’s custom audiences and segmentation may be the quick and easy solution to your biggest IOS14 fears and worries as website retargeting via the Facebook pixel becomes a thing of the past.

What is Klaviyo?

Klaviyo is a cloud-based email marketing and marketing automation solution that helps e-commerce brands — big and small — grow their businesses.

The platform was founded on the idea that personalized data collection, storage, and analysis can lead to much more successful and necessary targeted marketing. The goal at Klaviyo is to try and help businesses provide more relevant marketing content for their customers.

The three pillars of the company are listen, analyze, and act. Klaviyo is grounded in collecting essential customer information and data, analyzing that data through reporting, data science, and segmentation, and acting on the data insights through various different marketing techniques and campaigns.

In the wake of the IOS14 privacy lockdown on Facebook, one of the most important things Klaviyo can do for a small business is integrate with Facebook Advertising and create custom audiences.

Klaviyo & Facebook Advertising

Integrating Klaviyo with Facebook Advertising allows businesses to sync lists and segments from Klaviyo’s data collection to Facebook as custom audiences.

By giving Facebook permission to sync with a Klaviyo account, businesses allow Klaviyo to map email addresses from Klaviyo into the corresponding Facebook advertising account. Then, these email addresses can be used to create custom audiences and targeted advertising efforts.

This means that businesses can send highly-relevant and targeted messages to custom audiences instead of simply blasting the same message to all levels of engagement.

This integration can save targeted advertising in the wake of a massive privacy lockdown which is insanely important — targeted advertising is, on average, twice as effective as non-targeted advertising.

And with website retargeting being effectively abolished by the iPhone update, this is the best chance you have to retarget.

Integrating Klaviyo with Facebook Advertising only takes a few clicks and a few minutes of your time — but will produce massive benefits for your online business.

  1. In your Klaviyo account, click the Integrations tab in the sidebar on the left hand side of the screen. Click All Integrations and find Facebook on the list that populates. Then, simply click Add Integration.

  2. When the next page loads, click Connect to Facebook Advertising to begin setup. You will be redirected to your Facebook Advertising account to grant the permissions that Klaviyo requires to sync your data.

  3. You will have to confirm your Facebook login using the personal account information that is linked to your Facebook Business endeavors. Make sure you are logged into the correct account and click Continue As.

  4. If your Facebook login info is linked to multiple business accounts, you will have to choose which individual account you would like to link with Klaviyo. Once you have done that, click Next to continue.

  5. On the next screen, Klaviyo recommends that you accept all of the default permissions. Otherwise, the integration may break. Click Done to complete. After the authentication process runs, you will be redirected back into Klaviyo.

  6. When prompted to confirm the new integration, review that your account name is correct and click Integrate.

  7. Then, Kalviyo will prompt you to choose which advertising account you want to connect with in order to sync custom audiences. Select your business’s Facebook account, then click Connect to Account.

  8. After this, click Continue to Lead Ad Settings. Select an account from the drop down menu and then click Done to complete the entire process.

Klaviyo syncs with your Facebook Advertising account every single hour so that you can have the most recent and updated information and make informed marketing decisions.

Although this process only takes minutes, it will kickstart your journey towards custom audiences, targeted advertising, and many more revenue-boosting benefits for your business.

Custom Audiences

Once you have integrated Klaviyo with your Facebook Advertising account, you have the ability to create custom audiences and target your marketing messages.

Klaviyo’s software allows you to create lists and segments based on the essential data it collects from your contacts. You can create super specific segments — even one for left handed dentists who live in Nebraska.

You can even segment based on super important behavioral metrics like browsing behaviors, purchasing frequency, shopping cart profile, and average order value. This is essential because over 76% of marketers fail to use behavioral data when crafting advertisements — despite its unmatched value.

You’ll define specific customer groups through segmentation, and then sync your segments to Facebook Audiences you have created. The combinations and possibilities are almost endless.

This process enables you to leverage your essential owned data in your Facebook Advertising.

You can create new custom audiences at any point in time with a few simple steps.

  1. First, you’ll need to navigate to Custom Audience Settings, then click Add Custom Audience Sync at the bottom of the window.

  2. Select a Klaviyo list or segment that you have already created from the first drop-down menu, then select the matching Facebook audience from the second drop-down menu. When planning your custom audience sync, be sure to include a list or segment that has at least 100 contacts — Facebook requires a minimum of 100 profiles to create an audience.

  3. You can quickly switch over to your Facebook Business account to confirm that the audience has been created and synced with the Klaviyo list or segment.

Your list or segment will then begin a one-to-one sync with the selected Facebook audience. Just so you’re aware — when you create a new sync from Klaviyo to Facebook it can take up to 24 hours for the custom audience in Facebook to populate.

If you’re still slightly confused about how to use this tool — here’s a quick example.

Imagine that after you analyze your data dashboard from Klaviyo, you realize you want to specifically target your non-openers. These are people who have recently received emails from your company but haven’t opened or viewed them. They occupy lower levels of engagement.

To target these specific consumers, you can create a segment based on anyone who didn’t open your most recent campaign. Even more, you can cast a wider net and create a segment that encompasses anyone who received an email from you but didn’t open it in the last month or so.

Using the steps outlined above, sync this segment/list to a new custom audience in Facebook. This is your second chance at all those consumers who provided you with their email addresses at some point in time, but haven’t been responding to your emails or engaging with you.

After creating the custom audience, you should create a Facebook advertisement with a focus on converting to website traffic, possibly include an incentive, and see who you can win back from that specific audience.

Syncing Klaviyo lists and segments with new Facebook custom audiences is the gateway to highly-relevant, targeted advertising for your business — and lots more revenue.

Best Practices For Creating Segments & Custom Audiences

The number one best practice for creating segments are custom audiences: know your customers.

Here are a few failsafe characteristics to focus on when crafting new custom audiences in Facebook and segments or lists in Klaviyo.

  1. Cart Abandoners: Target customers who started a checkout in the past seven days, but haven't placed an order. You can do this with an advertisement that echoes the message or discount you provide in your abandoned cart flow.

  2. Winback: Target customers that haven’t purchased or engaged with your brand in a while. You can do this through featuring popular or trending items in a targeted ad.

  3. Re-engage: Target inactive customers with a relevant Facebook ad featuring items they’ve viewed on your site or featuring a limited time offer promotion.

  4. Cross-sell: Target customers who have bought one product with a different but complementary product. Check out our recent blog on up-selling and cross-selling for Shopify here.

  5. New Customer: Target those that have visited your site but never purchased. You can encourage first-time conversions and engagement.

  6. Cross-Channel: Target those who you might already be reaching by email, but not on Facebook or on your website. Do this with a relevant Facebook advertisement that reinforces the email messaging and has a similar call-to-action.

  7. Lookalike: Take a VIP list or segment in Klaviyo and create a Lookalike Audience in Facebook to reach new leads that resemble your best customers.

It is crucial for your online business to avoid the privacy crackdowns of the IOS14 rollouts.

One of the only ways to continue customizing audiences and sending out targeted marketing content is to leverage the innovative tools of Klaviyo now — before the effects of the privacy lockdown wreak havoc on the success of your online business.

This is your chance to never miss a step and stay way ahead of your competition in 2021.

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